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Dr Kronics is a Chicago CBD oil originated from Skokie, IL, a Chicago suburb. From imposing itself as a trusted brand among professional athletes to helping its local community to , Dr Kronics remains unmatched.
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Chicago CBD oil also known as "wonder tonic"

Dr Kronics gets its name as a “wonder tonic” from its near-miraculous healing power. As simple as applying the lotion to pain areas, our Chicago CBD oil works quickly and effectively to relieve pain. The active ingredients found in Dr Kronics Cannabidiol (CBD), is non-addictive, natural and effective. Dr Kronics CBD lotions are made for topical use. You can massage these products directly into your skin for fast-acting pain relief as well as skin-moisturizing benefits. Since our product is not consumed by mouth, our clients are sure to be side-effects free. Our Chicago CBD Oil brand promotes the building of a community of healthy consumers for a healthier and thriving Chicago.

Chicago CBD oil

Advantages of our Chicago CBD oil

Quickly benefit from the best Chicago CBD oil that bring happiness and relief. It looks good on paper, it looks good in person. If anything, natural is always better as it involves no lab-created chemicals and ingredients that may overtime lead to health complications and addictions. From the words of our users, let’s take a closer look at the top advantages of using Dr Kronics.

Chicago CBD oil

A Chicago CBD oil that truly works

Used to heal back pain, Pinch nerve & Neck Pain

Tae Lee, A Chicago resident writes:

“Dr Kronics CBD is fantastic. Tried some other CBD products but this is in a different league. Pinch neck and lower back pains have been ruining my life for a long time. But thankfully this product was a lifechanger. Not having to even think about having pain helped my mind and productivity tremendously. Got to try to believe it if you haven’t.”

Used in Sports Medecine

James Staggen, A chicago CBD Oil user:

“Being in Combat Sports all my life and having had multiple surgeries all over my body, I must say this product Dr. KRONIC is the BEST in the market when it come to Pain Management and Fast Relief. I highly suggest it. 2 Thumbs Up and 5 Star Rating!”

Serious Magic

Katherine Lee, A Chicago CBD Oil reviewer:

“Dr Kronics CBD is like magic! As soon as you use the 8K, right after a sprain or bruise…i.e. from volleyball, you can see the swelling decrease right in front of your eyes! It seems to act like a cold pack but without the down time because can get back in the game right away with minimal pain, where normally they would be out for a week or more! Serious magic!”

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Dr Kronics focuses on healthy results

Focus on Health Benefits

We believe that pain management should be achieved with a focus on healthy ingredients rather than adding unnecessary chemicals that may lead to addiction. Our Chicago CBD oil is potent and clean with 100% natural extract that are hemp based.

Proven & verifiable results

Dr Kronics with its doctor-backed and tested lotion have proven to provide real result that both athletes and ordinary users brag about. The “wonder tonic” of CBD oil is Dr Kronics in Chicago. We are happy to connect you with a local user anytime if verification is needed.

Highest Concentrate with 0.00% THC

Our Chicago CBD Oil Dr Kronics products are made from hemp oil broken down into parts including CBD isolate and broad-spectrum compounds. Dr Kronics provides the highest per milligram CBD on the market, all-natural, high quality CBD with 0.00% THC.

Chicago CBD oil

Dr Kronics & Natural Effect

CBD lotions and creams are made for topical use. You can massage these products directly into your skin for fast-acting pain relief as well as skin-moisturizing benefits.
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